Unreadable Micro SD Card Recovery

Micro SD card not readable

It is indeed a horrific situation for any user to encounter SD card being not readable. But you no longer have to worry to recover unreadable Micro SD card data. Let us first see the common reasons that can turn the micro SD card inaccessible or unreadable-

  • An abrupt removal of the Micro SD card from a cell phone or improperly ejecting the phone from a system can damage its file system, leaving the card in an unreadable state
  • A severe virus/malware infection might damage the data or make Micro SD card inaccessible
  • Interruptions like sudden system shutdown or abrupt ejection, while transferring the data from Micro SD card to the computer might also leave the card in an inaccessible state
  • Improper handling of the Micro SD card or using the same card on various devices might also be the reason to face this kind of situation

How to fix an unreadable Micro SD memory card?

The simplest way of fixing an unreadable Micro SD card and making it usable again is by formatting it. You might think that in this way you will lose all the saved data as well. Yes, you will but that by using unreadable Micro SD card recovery software, you can restore formatted memory card too.

The Unreadable Micro SD Card Recovery Software

This card application is developed by the industry experts to recover data from Lexar SD card, SanDisk, Samsung, Sony, Kingston, Transcend and many more which is unreadable. The tool has an intuitive wizard-style interface that enables even a novice user to perform the recovery. The software is compatible to run on both Windows & Macintosh Operating Systems. It is capable of retrieving over 300 types of files from Micro SD card or any other kind of memory card.

Make it a note: As any recovery software is unable to recover unreadable Micro SD card data once the data gets overwritten, therefore, it is highly recommended to stop using it once the problem is faced. This will ensure that the files are not overwritten and they will remain in the recoverable state. It can also be utilized to recover data from Lexar memory card not detected on the computer. To know more about it, check this page: http://www.recovermemorycard.org/lexar-memory-card-not-detected-on-computer.html

Steps to recover data from an unreadable Micro SD Card

Step A: From the main screen select Recover Photos option. Then select Recover Lost Photos option

Recover Data from Unreadable Micro SD Card - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step B: Now choose the Micro SD card and proceed by clicking the Next arrow button

Recover Data from Unreadable Micro SD Card - Select Memory Card

Figure 2. Select Memory Card

Step C: The tool will display the recovered data. Preview the files and save them after buying the registered version

Recover Data from Unreadable Micro SD Card - Save Recovered Videos

Figure 3. Save Recovered Videos


For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) & Above