Lexar Memory Card Not Detected on Computer

“Today morning my Lexar memory card has become inaccessible due to any unknown causes. I connected it to the computer and for a moment I felt pleased because it was accessible, but when I explored it, then I found nothing inside, all my images and other files were gone. Unluckily, I couldn’t find a backup of laxer memory card data in my computer. Now I am feeling very sad. Can anyone help me please? Is there any solution to perform Lexar memory card not detected on computer?”

Certainly, Lexar is the most popular brand for delivering durable and high performance memory card which are easily connected with any electronic device, but data loss is a problem that doesn’t depend on its performance or manufacturer. Sometimes, when Laxer memory card users connect it to their system, then they find that card is not deducted by the computer by which all the files saved on it become inaccessible. Even in some cases, Lexar memory card is accessible but the file stored on it becomes inaccessible. In order to recover files from Lexar memory card not deducted on computer, users can take the help of Recover Memory Card application and easily overcome from such types of problems very easily.

Common causes behind data losses from Not Deducted Lexar Memory Card:

  • Removing Lexar memory card abruptly from the device when file transfer process is in progress
  • Deletion of files from Lexar memory card when it is connected to the computer through card reader
  • Formatting Lexar memory card after getting format error when connecting to the system  
  • Virus infection to the Lexar card is a very common factor that can inaccessible or delete data from the card
  • Lexar memory card cannot be accessed on any device if its file system is corrupted
  • Using same Lexar card with multiple devices can also cause to inaccessibility on computer

In order to get back files from Lexar memory card not detected on computer which can be cause of any above described way, users can take the help of Recover Memory Card app retrieve lost files from not deduced Laxer card just by following a few simple steps easily.    

Salient Feature of Recover Memory Card Application:   

  • Recover Memory Card software has amazing caliber to identify and recover different types of files from Laxer card such as photos, videos, and audio, text files and others without any other difficulty.
  • This hassle free application has same advanced functionality to recover files from memory cards introduced by SanDisk, Transcend, PNY, Sony, Kingston, Samsung and many others.
  • It is a professional card recovery program used by most of the users to retrieve files from not recognized Lexar memory card on Windows and Mac systems. In order to know more about file recovery from memory card on Mac system, check this page: http://www.recovermemorycard.org/mac.html
  • Recover Memory Card utility facilitates users to undelete files from various memory card types such as system Secure Digital card, Compact flash card, Mini SD card, Micro SD card, MMC, and XD picture card easily.
  • This is a highly secure and easy to use program that performs file recovery from not deducted Lexar memory card which can have any file system including FAT16, EXFAT and FAT32 just by following few simple instructions.

Procedure to Recover Data from Lexar Memory Card Not Detected on Computer:

Step1: First download recovery software on a healthy computer and then connect your Lexar memory Card to this system. Run the software and select “Recover Photos” option from the welcome page as shown in Figure 1.

Lexar Memory Card Not Detected on Computer - Welcome Page

Figure 1. Welcome Page

Step2: From the next page select appropriate recovery option, according to the data loss scenario. After that select your Lexar memory card and go ahead by clicking on next arrow button as shown in Figure 2.

Recover Files From Lexar Memory Card Not Deducted on Computer - Select Memory Card

Figure 2. Select Lexar Memory Card

Step3: Once you have got the recovered data that you can save by using “Save to Drive” or “Save to CD/DVD” option as shown in Figure 3.

Retrieve Lost Files From Not Deduced Laxer Card - Save Recovered Data

Figure 3. Save Recovered Data


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