Lexar SD Card Recovery

Let's consider an instance: You have a digital camera which is loaded with a Lexar SD card. You have captured and saved many photos in Lexar SD card so that you can view it whenever you want. Since it contained many pictures, you thought of transferring them to your computer in order to save it as a backup. As decided, you copied many photos from Lexar SD card but before pasting copied pictures to your PC, you have mistakenly deleted them. This improper operation has resulted in losing entire photos which you have copied from Lexar SD card. What can be done in such a situation? Are those photos lost forever from Lexar SD card?

Well, don’t lose hope thinking that you have lost your photos from a Lexar SD card permanently because with the help of Lexar SD Card Recovery software you can easily recover Lexar SD card files without wasting much time. But before you go further to download the software and retrieve files from a Lexar SD card, let us have a glance over the situation that results in losing data from it. Following are a few of the causes:

  • Accidental formatting: Sometimes when you connect Lexar SD card to the Windows computer, you might see an error message that “Card needs to be formatted”. Windows usually throw such error message when it cannot recognize the file system of Lexar SD card. Seeing this message, if you go further to format Lexar SD card then entire data present in it will be deleted. In case you do not format Lexar SD card then Windows OS will not allow you to use it unless and until you format it. In both the cases, you will lose data from a Lexar card. Go to this link to restore data from a memory card after formatting http://www.recovermemorycard.org/unformat-data.html
  • Transfer Error: If transfer process of files from Lexar SD card to your computer is halted due to a power failure or an improper system shut down then you will lose those files which you were supposed to copy
  • Unintentional deletion: when Lexar SD card’s memory is almost full, you may prefer to remove unwanted files from it. But while selecting files, mistakenly you may select those files which are of great importance and delete them
  • Virus attack: Viruses might get transferred to your computer when you use the internet or connect any infected external drive to it. However, if you attach the Lexar SD card to the system which is infected with the viruses then Lexar card may also be infested with viruses and you will lose files from it

Begin recovering files from the Lexar SD card

There are a few users who do not care even though they face above situation because they prepare for it by keeping the backup of important files from Lexar SD card. But the situation becomes critical for those who do not maintain a backup of their precious files. However, as whatever mentioned above, you can recover lost files from a Lexar SD card files with the help of Recover Memory Card software. This recovery software will help you to retrieve files from Lexar SD card without modifying its actual content. What exactly this software does it will first scan Lexar SD card and then searches for deleted and lost files from it. Soon after finding the files, it will restore them within a short span of time. Using this Lexar SD card Recovery software, you are able to get back documents, photos, videos, music and many more. You can not only retrieve files from Lexar SD card but with the utilization of this tool it is possible to rescue files from a flash drive, iPod, external and internal hard drive etc. In addition to this, you could preview rescued media files before saving them to the desired location. The steps involved in the recovery process are very easy and can be followed by even novice users.

Procedure to recover Lexar SD card files

1. Connect the Lexar SD card to your computer with the help of a card reader. Download and install Memory Card Recovery Software to your computer and then run it. From the main screen select “Recover Photos” option.

Recover Lexar SD Card - Main Screen

2. From the next screen, select either "Recover Deleted Photos" or “Recover Lost Photos” option to recover Lexar SD card files.

Recover Lexar SD Card - Recover Deleted Photos

3. Now choose the Lexar SD card from where data needed to be recovered.

Recover Lexar SD Card- Select Drive

4. After the scanning process is completed, a list of recoverable files will be displayed. Select the files which you want to restore and save them.

Recover Lexar SD Card - Save Recovered Files


For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
Mountain Lion (10.8), & Above